Catalyst :: Jesus, Friends & BBQ Ribs

Catalyst 2009: the beginning of a tradition…at Lucille’s BBQ, with my new friends Dawn Kinsman, Nick Person, and Dave Kinsman.  Dave and Dawn are from Milwaukee and Nick is from Atlanta.

After the 2010 Catalyst…enjoying Lucille’s BBQ with Dawn and Dave.  Nick couldn’t make it because he was busy being a new father!  We missed him but he had a good excuse.Catalyst 2011, I had to go solo…but I met some guy named Rick Warren, who I had the pleasure of hanging out with.  My Catalyst friends were not able to make it west that year. This year Dave came to Catalyst with his son Josh, he’s on the right, in case you couldn’t figure that out.  Andre Smith is in the middle, he came with me from San Diego.Me and Dave, after this years Catalyst at Mariners Church in Irvine.

Dawn let Dave bring their oldest son Josh to this years Catalyst.  It was sad that Dawn wasn’t at Catalyst this year but it was certainly a blessing to get to know their son Josh.  Josh, getting his Praise On at Catalyst

Catalyst is about bringing together the next generation of leaders…Josh looked like he was having a blast and the Holy Spirit was definitely moving in his life.  He loves Jesus, just like his Mom and Dad!It was great to be back at Lucille’s BBQ with friends…Andre and Josh loved the food!  Ditto for me and Dave.

Lucille’s has become part of the tradition of Catalyst…great teaching followed up by great food!  Can’t think of a better way to finish off a great time of fellowship at Catalyst.

If you’ve never heard of Catalyst, you can learn more HERE

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