2012: Dave Miller, at Reyna Siboney NIEVES OAXAQUEÑAS, in city of Zaachila, Oaxaca

2011: Dave, at NIEVES OAXAQUEÑAS CHAGÜITA, in the heart of Oaxaca City market

As you might have gathered, Dave likes Oaxacan nieves, which is a traditional dessert similar to ice cream.  I’ve been to both of these places and I have my favorites…if you come to Oaxaca with Dave, you too can try all the great places that make this homemade awesomeness!

For now, you can come and spend an evening of fun with Dave Miller, Executive Director of Adventures in Life, next week in San Diego.  Dave will be sharing the latest news and stories from his recent trips to Oaxaca: where he was drilling wells, planting crops, building with the Men’s Week, and leading the Medical Team around Oaxaca.

If you live in SoCal and fancy a trip to beautiful San Diego, come join me and MISSION focused as we hang out with Dave.

Here are the details if you want to meet Dave Miller…

Wednesday, May 2nd, 7pm at the Rock Church (directions HERE), Rm 353

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2 Responses to Dave Knows NIEVES OAXAQUEÑAS

  1. Oh my! Oaxacan food is the best of all Mexican cuisine! I just love it! Have you ever had tlayudas?? They are the best!!

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