Family :: Joy, Joy, Joy!

Last Sunday I had the blessing of spending the morning with my good friend Ernie and his family.Ernie, Joy and Adrienne GonzalezAdrienne…checking me out.  She’s still trying to figure out who I am and why I’m following her and her parents.I tried to get them to walk out into the middle of traffic…under the Gaslamp Quarter sign, downtown San DiegoAfter breakfast in the Gaslamp Quarter, we went to Balboa Park and walked around the Museum of Natural History.  Adrienne found a snake to play with…While Joy was exploring the Museum, Ernie and I hung out with Adrienne.  This is where she finally warmed up to me.  How does she show that she is fine with me…snake attack!Good thing it was only a small snake…

Family photoErnie and I met back in 1995 or 1996.  We can’t quite remember exactly… We spent a good bit of time together in ministry, fellowship and in a men’s accountability group.   That’s where I got to know Ernie and his heart for God and his desire to be married.  It didn’t come quickly but God did bless him with his wife Joy, and now they have Adrienne.

It was great to meet their daughter Adrienne.  She is so full of energy and love.  Once we got past the snakes we had fun playing together.  When it was time to part, she gave me a big hug and even let me take a few photos of the family.  Look at that smile!!

Praise God for His faithfulness!  I am so excited for my Kuya Ernie.  May God continue to bless his family as they seek to raise Adrienne in the ways of the Lord!

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