The Jet Set

One of my earliest recollections of flying was back in the early 80’s when my grandfather passed away.  I remember it because we had to dress up in order to fly…which I didn’t understand.  So my father, my brothers and I put on our best clothes, nice button down shirt and sport-coats and we jumped on a plane from LAX to Manila, Philippines.  When I asked why we had to dress up, the reason I got was something like “that’s what you do, when you fly.”

This is on my mind because Dave Miller just posted on our trip back from Oaxaca to LAX, via Houston.  There were some folks who looked like they were going to the beach.  A far cry from the days of wearing slacks and sport-coat to fly.

You can see what Dave has to say HERE, take a look, it’s a good read and quite funny.

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