Oaxaca Calling!

Inside the Cathedral de Oaxaca. That’s shimmering gold!

Today is my last full day in Oaxaca.  The mission if done for now and it’s time to explore a little more and plan for future trips this summer and next year.  I’ve learned to love the people of Oaxaca and the surrounding towns.  The secret is this…Oaxaca is a real gem. Rich with color and I have no problem rolling with 2 cameras around the crowded Zocalo on a Friday night.  As long as your not stupid, you will be fine.  I feel safer on the streets of Oaxaca than I do in downtown LA.

If you are interested in visiting Oaxaca, Dave Miller and I are planning a trip in July, during the Guelaguetza.  If your not familiar with what the Guelaguetza is all about, Google it!  It’s an amazing week of music and dance celebrating the life and culture of Oaxaca. More info on the trip soon.

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