Shooting Warriors :: The Rock Academy

I began going to the Rock Church in 2001, and when they decided to start a school, I started helping photograph different events and sports.  How much I helped, has varied from year to year, but it’s always been fun and always a challenge at the Rock Academy.

Rock Academy Soccer

First frame :: Warrior Soccer at Sunset

It has been fun seeing some of the kids literally grow up in front of the camera.  As the school has grown to a full K – 12th school, I have met lots of kids named buddy, friend and sweetie…mainly due to the fact that I can’t remember all their names. An interesting thing happened over the years, what began as a desire to serve the Church & Academy, became my “world class” school of photography! Rock Academy, Photographing for the Rock Academy, I have had the chance to photograph in all kinds of environments, constantly changing the settings, with different lighting, Warrior sports (inside and outside), musicals, camps and worship services to name a few.  As kids come and go, a few things remain constant…the Teachers and Staff at the Rock Academy love these kids!  They work hard to provide the best Christ Centered education possible, at the same time challenging them to be the best students and citizens.  It’s an honor to have witnessed this over the years!  My photography has improved over the years and I have learned that you don’t have to have the best “gear” to capture the essence of an event. Nice equipment is certainly helpful, but don’t get caught up in the “only if” or “if I had that…”  Go and tell a great story with your camera.  Here are a few of my current favorite photos from photographing the Rock Academy Warriors. Rock Academy , Rock Academy Theater Arts, Bye Bye BirdieRock Academy, Rock Academy Theater Arts, Bye Bye BirdieRock Academy, Warrior Basketball, San Diego, Ocean BeachRock Academy, Warrior BasketballRock Academy, Warrior SoccerRock Academy, Warrior Soccer, Chicano Park, San DiegoRock Academy

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