60 Years Strong :: San Diego Rescue Mission

As a photographer with Mission Focused, I have had the privilege of photographing at the San Diego Rescue Mission for over 10 years.  What I love about the Rescue Mission is that they are un-ashamedly Christ centered in everything they do!  But they help everyone who comes threw their doors, regardless of what they believe.

This year they are celebrating 60 years of service to the Homeless and Needy in San Diego! Congratulations to the San Diego Rescue Mission!  May God continue to to bless the Rescue Mission for many years to come.

The following photos are just a few of the programs the SD Rescue Mission has for the Homeless in San Diego.  Please consider helping those in need in your city!

Volunteers escorting a guest to the Thanksgiving Community Dinner

Annual Homeless Vigil | Remembering those who died on the streets of San Diego that year

The  Mission offers Free Community Dinners at Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas | Everyone is welcome

Samaritan’s Feet | Washing the feet of those in the Mission’s program as way of honoring them

Community Dinner | A simple reminder that homelessness & being in need knows no age

Graduation from the Mission’s 12 month program

Sleepless America | A fundraiser to raise awareness of the homeless population in your city

At the Community Dinners everyone leaves with a “care package” of necessities


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