Eloxochitlan, Oaxaca

Eloxochitlan is a beautiful oasis up in the hills above Oaxaca City.  A 6 hour drive into the mountains, will take you to this small town most folks from the US or anywhere else for that matter, will never visit.I was there in October 2014 photographing with Mission Focused, helping document the Adventures in Life’s Fall Medical Missions trip. It was really a great week of service, helping folks from all over the area.  Everyone involved, from the local church, the townspeople, to the whole med team were blessed by our time up there.  We couldn’t wait to come back next Fall!

Dave Miller

On December 14th the town of Eloxochitlan erupted in violence between 2 different political groups. At the end of the day, our friends we worked with in October were left brutally beaten, houses and cars were destroyed and 2 of our friends were dead.

You can read Dave’s account of what happened on his blog HERE or by going to the following link> http://wp.me/p3J5Mb-lQ

Dave is in Eloxochitlan right now, visiting our friends and taking a look at the damage in person. Part of the work that Adventures in Life does, is to work alongside the local church to offer humanitarian relief while sharing the Good News of Christ.  So far, Adventures in Life has purchased a truck to replace the pastors truck that was burned in the violence and helped purchase supplies to help another family rebuild their restaurant that was destroyed.  There’s more help and healing that needs to happen, and hopefully in time, it will be safe for another Med Team to go up the mountain and serve.  Hopefully!

As a photographer, I’ve been blessed to see up close God in action.  Here in San Diego, in Mexico and few other places outside the US.  But what happened to my friends in Eloxochitlan was a real reminder that there is a spiritual battle happening all around us.  That life is fragile and we need to be ready to defend what we believe.  It was confirmation for me that using my gifts to photograph God’s work, His people in action, is what I am called to do.  My encouragement to those around me, my friends and family, is to live boldly for God, and to use your time, talents and treasures for His Glory!

Roasting coffee in Eloxochitlan after a long week of service




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