Volleyball :: Take 2

I went to my niece Abby’s volleyball game yesterday.  She is a freshman on the Vista Panthers Volleyball team.  I haven’t shot much volleyball in the last 2 years.  Abby’s big sis Miranda played 4 years of Varsity volleyball at Tri City Christian.  I lost count of how many games and photos that I have taken in that time frame.  I ended up shooting 1 more year of volleyball after she graduated, since I got to know many of the girls on the team in the 4 years Miranda was playing.It was a bit strange shooting a different team but it was exciting to watch Abby play.I started to think back when Miranda was a freshman, and I was still learning to shoot volleyball…This photo of Miranda was taken in 2006, when her team won the SD CIF Div 5 Championship.  By the end of the season, I was finally getting some photos that I liked.  I was still shooting with film!  Miranda was an outside hitter.Abby is one of 2 setters on her team.  Having watched the freshman and JV volleyball teams play, before the Varsity match, you can see all those years of Abby hanging out in the gym, watching her sister  play and hitting the ball on the sidelines has payed off.  I may be a bit biased, but having watched lots of volleyball over the years, she’s pretty good for a freshman!I’m looking forward to shooting more volleyball in the near future.  I’m glad that volleyball and softball are in different seasons.  Abby’s sister Emily is on the softball team at Vista.Abby with her sister Miranda and both sets of Grandparents!  I’m glad my favorite nephew isn’t in high school yet, he’s gonna be a stud football player and I can’t be in more than 1 place at the same time yet!  Love shooting my nieces and nephew…

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