Oaxaca :: Photos of Wahaka Mezcal

Had the chance to visit Wahaka Mezcal yesterday and shoot some really fun photos and sample some really fine Mezcal.

Wahaka Mezcal is an artisanal small batch mezcal produced by 5th generation mezcalero family in San Dionisio Ocotepec Oaxaca, who directly own and harvest many acres of cultivated and wild agave (recently USDA organic certified).  You can learn more about Wahaka Mezcal HEREWe had great access and our guide was non other than Alberto Morales (above), the main man who oversees the operation of his families business.

In the fields, where the agave grow until ready for harvest…

When ready, they cut them down and prepare them for the next step…

Workers cut the Agave into pieces, preparing them to be smoked/cooked over hot lava rocks in the ground.

The fire is prepared, and after 4 hours the agave is placed in the “pit” around the mound of hot rocks, then covered by a tarp and buried, where it will cook for several days.

The agave is then crushed, to release the magic liquid that will become Wahaka Mezcal.  After being crushed by the mill stone it will be fermented, then cooked and then stored in oak barrels on the premises.  When ready, it will be hand bottled, corked and labeled for shipment around the globe.Alberto with some of his men who help make the magic happen.Alberto, Dave, Clayton, Erick and young Alberto posing after a great Wahaka Mezcal tasting.

If your looking for something different and are tired of Tequila, don’t be afraid to try Wahaka Mezcal.  It’s done in small batches with great care that you can taste.  It won’t be like any other Mezcal you have ever tasted.


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