Just Worship

People tend to think that Worship is permanently linked to “praise & worship.”  Meaning singing of songs & hymns set to music.  I am of the opinion that as people of faith, a follower of Christ, we can Worship God in many different ways.

Last weekend I photographed at Renovate.  Renovate is a local movement that seeks to encourage and challenge youth & young adults to live their lives in a manner that brings glory to God in all areas of their lives.  I love the worship at Renovate.  If I was to characterize the worship I would say it’s “Spirit led.”  They don’t have slickly produced worship sets, just good worship that brings you into the presence of God.  I believe that you can Worship God in many different ways.  Living a life of integrity is one way we can Worship God through our actions.  Using the gifts that He has given us, be it music, singing, or photography…we can use our gifts to Worship Him and bring Him glory.Photographing events like Renovate, require you to be observers of what God is doing, in order to document it properly.  Just as those leading us in worship must be obedient to God, so must the photographer.  I love these photos because it shows clearly, in my humble opinion, worship leaders who are more concerned with being obedient, than putting on a “show.” As their are leading Worship, they still need to Worship.  That is DJ Kechup in the background.  Using his skills to worship God!  I love that!

What I’m encouraged about is the fact that those of us (me) who can’t sing very well, can use the gifts that God has given me (photography) to Worship Him and bring Him glory!

Are you using your God given gifts to Worship Him?  If not, get to it!

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