Fun with the Mighty Canon S90

Corkscrew:  f/5  1/13  ISO 400

We had some fun in class tonite.  Danie didn’t bring her camera so I let her use mine.  I used my “backup” fun camera….the Canon S90.  I love this little camera!  We set up 3 stations to take photos, this is what I came up with (I added image data for kicks!).  All images shown straight out of the camera, no editing, shot in Aperture Priority.  I took the photos with the camera on the table, with 2 sec timer to help eliminate any shaking…

Toy:  f/4.9  1/40  ISO 400

I got pretty close but the camera ended up focusing on the back part of the toy and not the ball….oh well.Pins:  f/4.5  1/100  ISO 400

This was fun too, I played with the white balance in camera, but it still a little cool for my liking.  I may have to play with this one later…These pins are about the size of your finger-nail.

Sometimes its good to play around…don’t believe the lies that you have to have a fancy (expensive) digital SLR to take great fun photos!  Although, I gotta be truthful,  the S90 wasn’t cheap.

The important thing is that photography is fun…enjoy what you shoot!

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