Some Observations…Observing Memorial Day

Second from the left, front row, is my brother Tony.  This was taken a few years ago, when my Dad was stationed in Italy with the USS Little Rock.  This is my Dad, “the Gladiator” in the Rome Coliseum 

My brother Tony ended up following in my Dad’s footsteps, joining the Navy as a Supply Officer on the USS Independence.  The Indy battle group were the first on the seen when that whacko in Iraq decided to invade Kuwait, what became known as Operation Desert Shield.  I remember my brother saying how hard it was for him and his fellow crew members on the Independence, since they had been on deployment for almost 6 months and were about to head home for San Diego when Operation Desert Shield began.

I don’t recall how long exactly, but they had to hang out in the Persian Gulf until another carrier group could come and replace them.  When their replacements did arrive, not long after Operation Desert Storm began….

My brother was proud to serve in the Navy.  My Dad was certainly proud of my brother!

May brother passed away in May of 2007, which is what brought us to the cemetery on Memorial Day.They were having a Memorial Day service at Glen Abby Cemetery when we got there.  So I decided to go and see what was happening.  I didn’t catch his name, but I did hear he was a Chief in the Navy.  He was sharing about friends of his who had died while serving our Country and how he misses them.

My brother served proudly in the Navy, but thankfully he was not called upon to give his life while serving in the Navy.  The Chief shared that his friends and all who have died serving our Country gave their “Ultimate Measure of Devotion.”

Ultimate Measure of Devotion!

They gave their all for the freedom we enjoy in the United States!  This is not something to be forgotten.  Especially when you can be arrested in some countries for speaking out of turn, or even blogging!

I am thankful for the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have given their Ultimate Measure of Devotion for our Country!

I am even more thankful for Christ, who gave His Ultimate Measure of Devotion for me!  That I might have life in Him.

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