Street Scenes Oaxaca

I’ve really come to love Oaxaca.   Not that I spend much time in big urban cities, but what I see in Oaxaca is like nothing I’ve seen before.  It’s not so much the “what” but more of an intangible “how” does the city feel…

The closest thing I have to compare it to is 2 weeks I spent in Turin, Italy.  I got a smokin deal for round trip tix from LAX to Turin, back in 2006.  It was the summer before the Winter Olympics in Turin.  I spent the first week with friends who lived across the street from the old Lingotto Fiat factory.  The view from their house is a bit more left, but this is pretty close.The mural outside the front entrance to Casa Arnel, in Oaxaca.

Turin is a much bigger city than Oaxaca.  The public transportation system is awesome.  You don’t need a car!  I spent the 2nd week in the northern part of the city, staying at a pensione (an old convent that had been turned into a hostel).

I spent that last week photographing all over the city.  Even though I don’t speak much Italian, emphasis on don’t, I managed to get by.  I never felt unsafe, uneasy perhaps, but certainly safe.  I had fun.The experience in Oaxaca is more viral.  The city is more colorful and the people love to hang out and people watch in the Zocalo.  While both cities have their fair share of tourists, Oaxaca feels more alive, even electric.I spent some time shooting more photographs on Saturday, walking and hanging out with the Adventures in Life Medical Team.  With my experience street shooting in February, I was looking for whatever came my way…here are a few of the scenes that grabbed my attention last Saturday…

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