365 photos…not quite!

Taking a self portrait at 45mph on Pacific Coast Highway, south of Swami’s, near Encinitas

A potentially dangerous project, has been cancelled!  I had this brilliant idea of taking a self portrait, every day, showing the hat I’m wearing that day.  These 365 photo projects are fun and everyone seems to be doing something…so I thought why not.  For those who don’t know me, it is a rare day that I’m not wearing a hat.  So it seemed like something fun to do.   January 1, 2012 Taken at 5AM, before heading out to a New Year’s Sunrise prayer service.

The hard thing for me is I can’t do the “take a photo in the mirror” thing every day…I refuse to!  January 3rd, self portrait in my niece Emily’s sunglassesJanuary 21st, with my friends Jack and Iirai.  Looking for something different…

I thought taking photos with friends would be the solution to me not getting bored of this project.  I was doing pretty good, until the February came and my trip to Oaxaca.  After getting back the motivation was gone.  Then came the freeway photo above….That’s when I decided the project had run it’s course.  It was time to call it quits.  It was fun while it lasted…The project is done, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop taking photos while driving!

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