Jacob and Olivia :: Upward

Upward Sports is the world’s largest Christian sports league, providing “the best sport’s experience for every child.”

I’ve heard about them for some time but never had any first hand experience with them till Saturday.  My favorite nephew Jacob was playing basketball and his sister was cheer-leading.  On Saturday I drove Lolo and Lala (Filipino for Grandpa & Grandma) to Eastlake area to watch Olivia cheer and later, watch Jacob play basketball.Lolo & LalaLolo & Lala with Olivia and her older sister ArielStarting off with prayer…every kid gets a chance to play at least half the game.

Jacob is a bit taller than the kid he was guarding!

Good form, but I don’t think he made it.

Jacob is the tallest one on the team, I think he’s 5’6″ and he’s only in 6th grade.  His main sport it football, but he likes to compete, so he is playing basketball and about to start lacrosse….It was fun shooting, especially after shooting CIF basketball this past week.  The pace is a bit slower and it wasn’t very high scoring, but it was a close game.  Jacob’s team was behind most of the game but rallied at the end but came up short, losing by 4 points.  I’m glad I got a chance to see Olivia cheer and watch Jacob tower over the other kids!

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