Not so Random Ramblings…

Growing up, when there weren’t thousands of channels to pick from, you didn’t get picky about what you watched.  You just picked the best of the 7 or 8 channels you could get depending on the weather and how good your “rabbit ear” antennas were…
Channel 5 in LA, had Tom Hatton who would host Saturday morning Popeye cartoons and in between he would draw cartoons from squiggle lines kids would send in to him.  I remember wanting to send something in to see what he could draw from the craziest scribble I could dream up.  That was back in the day!

That same channel would show Godzilla movies afterwards.  I think I saw every movie with all the different monsters Godzilla would fight.  Tokyo has to be the toughest city in the world with the best construction crews around, considering how many times the city was destroyed!

I started thinking about this when recently I had to make some changes to this blog.  It had to do with a photo shoot I did recently and me posting photos that I was not supposed to post.

Unfortunately this is an issue that’s not new to me.  Photographers tend to be Lone Ranger types, wanting to be individuals, artists, not wanting to be held down or limited by anybody. Photographers don’t want to be Tonto.

But sometimes, we have to be Tonto, when we are photographing for someone else…which means we have to play by someone else’s rules when it comes to how and what we take photos of and how we use the photos we take.  Other times, we have to follow the rules we a contractually bound by.  Which is what happened to me this weekend.

Lesson here…read the fine print!

Or take your football and go play somewhere else…

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