Superfest 2012 :: Can I Get a Witness

Superfest is an outreach of the Rock Church Sports Ministries.  They brought professional athletes from all types of sports to come and share their knowledge in their respective sports and share, more importantly, about their faith in Christ.

Athletes of all different ages and sizes came to hear from professional baseball players like Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell, to Allyson Felix, the world’s fastest woman to Vincent Brown of the San Diego Chargers…to name a few.  Each shared what its like to compete at the highest levels of their sport and how important it was for each of them to be rooted and grounded in God’s Word.  Pastor Miles, pastor of the Rock Church, shared how everyone could have what these athletes have, that being a personal relationship with Christ.

Every once in awhile I believe God gives me a glimpse of the work of the Holy Spirit…and being in the right place God allows me to document what’s happening on a spiritual level.

By the time the event started to wrap up, most of the photographers were in the middle…so i decided to stay up top and shoot wide.  As Pastor Miles began to pray, I wandered to the bottom, looking to see folks who were standing up to respond to the Good News of eternal life in Christ.

This is what God showed me….

I didn’t notice the sequence till afterwards when I began editing my images from the day.  I did see the father and son standing, and I took their photo…but there were lots of folks standing!  To witness and capture them standing, coming forward and professing publicly their faith in Christ!  Bam!!  Can’t beat that.  Praise God that I was able to see that.  This is why I am a photographer.

To show off the work of the Holy Spirit.

Praise God for all the folks who came forward at Superfest this year!

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