Oaxaca 2012

Adventures in Life :: Men’s Ministry Week Oaxaca February 2011Dave digging wells in Oaxaca

Adventures in Life (AIL) has been ministering in Mexico for the past 15 years, working alongside local churches, pastors & missionaries as they seek to share the Good News of Christ.  The work of AIL in recent years has been focused on helping those in Oaxaca provide for themselves.  One of the ways they are doing this is by drilling water wells.  The cost to have someone come and drill a water well are quite expensive so AIL is drilling for water at a price folks can afford, and in turn raising support for local missionaries and churches.  It’s win-win situation.  This is just one way AIL is helping folks in Oaxaca provide for their families.  To learn more about my experiences in Oaxaca and the work MISSION focused is doing there, you can go HERE.

Besides documenting the work that AIL is doing in Oaxaca, we had the opportunity to take family portraits of some of the families in the local church.  Dave is already in Oaxaca and the plan is to be in there in February for this years Men’s Ministry Week.  Continue to pray for the work in Oaxaca, that God would be glorified.

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