Need a Hug?

I shared about my meeting with Rick Warren last year after going to Catalyst, but it’s worth sharing again…

I met Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, last year at Catalyst West last year up at Mariner’s Church in Irvine.  He was walking around during lunch greeting people and asking them “have you hugged a pastor today?”  When he came up to me and asked…I said “no”, so he gave me a big hug.

What surprised me was how approachable he was and the fact that he was walking around Catalyst without anyone around him, no entourage.   One could arguably say Rick Warren is the next Billy Graham.  In the sense that he has become the “go to pastor” for the christian/evangelical church in America as Billy Graham has pulled back from his public ministry in his later years.

You can read more about my time with Rick by going to or by going HERE

After Rick gave me a hug, I had to get a photo with him…

I was listening to the Hugh Hewitt show recently, when Hugh had Rick Warren on air with him.  It was a great interview and not the first time Rick has been on air with Hugh…

Of the many things that were said, the thing that stuck out to me was Rick Warren’s response to a question Hugh asked about Christmas… Hugh Hewitt asked about how after 30+ years of ministry he keeps his Christmas messages fresh and relevant to people today.

Rick Warren shared that in good times or bad, some things remain constant.   People want hope, joy, peace, love and purpose (of course).  All of these things are found in Christ.

It really is a simple message that I think we try to make more difficult.  The answer is Jesus!

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