Show Me Your Heart!

I received an email the other day from someone that thought so highly of their friend they wanted me to know about them and contact them about getting this person to join the team of photographers at the church.

They told me how talented this person was, and despite not having any formal training in photography, they have received high praise from those in the photography community.  And that they were so good that they have been hired to do photography for a big national ad campaign, and the praise went on….Over the years, I’ve received a few emails similar to that one…basically telling me how great they are and how “lucky” we would be to have them on our team.

This isn’t meant to be a judgement call on this persons friend, just an observation….

I started to think that I have never received an email from anyone saying they want to serve and use their gifts for God’s Glory.  That it didn’t matter if they got any recognition and they really don’t want it to be about them.   It really is a state of mind and a desire to be a servant above all else.  Unfortunately I have received more requests to the contrary…from photographers who have said they want to serve, but only in the big things and they were not interested in photographing the small events…I told them if they change their mind give me a call.  They never do : (

I have been blessed to serve alongside some great photographers and true servants!  Photographers who have given of their talents with no desire to be “recognized” or applauded by the public.  And if i asked, they probably would wear the lucha libre mask…To me their heart attitude is more important than how much raw talent someone has.  I will take a someone who may not be as “talented” a photographer as the next person, but with a servant’s heart & a desire to be used by Christ every time!

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