toys are good…Jesus is Better!

I honestly don’t remember when my first toys for joy event was…but it was back when it was still at Iglesia Bethel and on Friday nites.  I do remember some really cold nights, lines that seem to never end and a toy room that seemed like it wouldn’t be enough but would always last to the last kid in line.
While the location of Toys for Joy has changed as the event has grown over the years….for a season at Calvary Baptist in Barrio Loganto the soggy yet joyful 2009 outreach at Memorial Community Park & Recreation Center in Logan Heights.
And at Lincoln High School the last 2 years…

No matter how big the event is some things haven’t changed over the years…there are still families who need help during the Christmas Season and there are kids who will get a toy who might not otherwise.

More importantly in my mind, is the fact that you may give a kid a toy and they will be happy for awhile, maybe even joyful.  Give a kid Jesus and the Joy of the Lord will be theirs for ever.

Toys for Joy this year saw an increase of 27% from last year and 1900 folks responded to the Gospel.  I don’t know what it means exactly to “respond” to the Gospel…but the Good News was preached and it doesn’t return void (Isaiah 55:11).  So I pray for those 1900 people that they seek Him wholeheartedly.

It’s always a blessing to see what God does at Toys for Joy and this year was no different!  All Glory to God!

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