View from the Bridge

I’ve been up to Oakbridge countless times over the years…but the last time i stayed over was at a Rock men’s retreat over 5 years ago.  The oaks are bigger and the camp has some new buildings…but some things haven’t changed much since i first started coming up to Oakbridge.  People still need Jesus, and Oakbridge is one of the best places in San Diego to get away and get closer to God.

To see high school and jr high students worshiping Jesus is something that never gets old.  And to see this at Oakbridge is truly a blessing to me, since most of the time I’ve spent up at Oakbridge has been in an “outreach” capacity.  I do understand that there are students who come to a “church” camp retreat who don’t really know Jesus as their Lord  & Savior and I saw kids this weekend who raised their hands wanting to accept Christ into their lives.  Praise God!

It’s definitely humbling to be a witness to what God was doing up at camp this past weekend.  It reminds me once again what photography is all about.   For me, it’s about sharing the joy of life and the power of a photograph that can speak without saying a word. And remembering that photography is a gift from God that’s to be shared with the world.

The camera is a witness to the transforming power of the Gospel!  It’s an honor to have a front row seat to the “show.”

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