it’s not brain surgery

On Tuesday Hillsong came to town.  The last time they were in San Diego, 2 years ago, they performed at the Rock Church and i was there to take a few photos.  So this time around some of us were looking forward to taking photos again.  We show up and find out an hour before they take the stage the Hillsong folks didn’t want anyone taking photos.  Needless to say we were pretty bummed.  It was a conspiracy!  So what do you do when Hillsong comes to your church and you can’t take photos….Last weekend Iaomai had a gathering for those who went to Guatemala in October.  I had some time to look over all the photos that i personally took and i came across this photo of Jennings in front of the door to one of the operating rooms.  He was one of the talented doctors who performed operations on those with cleft lips and palates.  I took this photo on our last day in Huehue, as everyone was helping pack up the hospital.  I noticed the piece of paper on the glass door and pointed it out to Jennings.  He never noticed the paper.On the paper was a phrase that says “Aqui no hay margen para fallar.”  Which translates loosely to “there is no margin for failure here.”

This really helps to put things into perspective.

They are performing surgeries on patients, and if something goes wrong…people potentially could die.  If I take a photo and its blurry…I take another one.

I believe photography is fun.  And photographers take themselves too seriously.  As if what we do is, yes, brain surgery.  We are photographers.  We get to take photos of fun stuff like concerts and bar mitzvahs.  We also get to take photos that can be powerful, moving and evocative.  But at the end of the day, we are photographers, not brain surgeons (or rocket scientists either).

So let’s go have fun, and as my friend Trevor would say,  go shoot somebody (with your camera)!

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