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This weekend was busy in terms of opportunities to get out and take photos…when your out and about you can’t help but notice how many people have cameras today.

I was down in La Jolla this weekend taking some military family portraits and i saw an older gentleman, rolling around with a Hassleblad camera with a big zoom attached.  I don’t know which Hassleblad it was but it looked like the above camera body.  So i will admit i don’t know if it was rented or borrowed but what i do know is it’s not a cheap camera.  If your curious about just how expensive these cameras are you can visit  b&h camera HERE.  Later that same Saturday afternoon i spotted couple both shooting with Nikon cameras with what looked like 400 mm lenses attached.   It was getting dark and they were both hand holding the cameras….no tripod or mono-pod in sight.  On both instances my reaction was REALLY!

Yesterday…my friends Francis and Roxy got married.  The crew that was photographing the wedding seemed a bit disorganized.  I did enjoy myself but it’s hard not to notice the folks photographing and what gear they’re using….and i will admit i did shoot a few photos.One of the photographers was using what looked like a 300mm lens…and he too was hand holding(no mono-pod).  It’s just strange in my opinion to use such a nice lens and take the chance of getting blurry images because you weren’t steady.  More power to him if he was able to get the shot.

It was interesting seeing these things this weekend.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone using the Hasselblad digital camera in person outside in San Diego.  It’s such an unusual sight…but again, more power to the brother who can afford the camera and knows how to use it!  Just know great camera gear doesn’t equal great photos.

What came to my mind is a phrase that David duChemin has adopted as his mantra “Gear is good. Vision is better.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were talking about gear and what lenses she should look into purchasing next.  The core of what i said was “gear is good, vision is better.”  I told her to learn to rock what she’s got in terms of gear and spend money on great lenses first and camera bodies second.  Learn to take great photos with the camera and lenses she has now.  And down the line, when she upgrades it will only help her.

As far as I’m concerned,  you can have an iPhone and take great photos.  Or have a very expensive Hasselblad and suck!   Choose wisely!

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