Raquel & Bayani :: have you started pre-marital counseling yet?

I met Raquel several years ago when she started coming to our photo classes on Wednesday nites at the Rock.  She eventually joined the team then she left us to start a Praise Moves group, a christian alternative to yoga, at church.

I think her and Bayani were already dating when we met, i don’t recall.  Once i got to know Raquel i began asking her if they, Raquel & Bayani, had considered pre-marital counseling.  At first she would say no, they aren’t engaged.  My usual response was something like it’s smart to do counseling now and it’s a “win-win” situation if you do.  If you’re curious about what i mean, ask Raquel and Bayani.After asking Raquel a few times, she said i should ask Bayani…which i began doing.  This went on for a year or two, at least…til finally they decided it was time to start pre-marital counseling at the Rock.  I remember them telling me that they were the only couple in their class that was not engaged yet, and that it was awkward at first until other couples shared that they wish they would have started pre-marital counseling earlier.  This is what i can recall at least, i could be off with my dates and facts, but this is my recollection of the events that lead them to where we are today…

On November 11, 2011 Bayani & Raquel got married!  It was a blessing to be there and witness their story of Love, Hope and God’s perfect timing.

Congrats and lotsa of love to the newleyweds!  Praise God!  Now i need to think of what my next question is gonna be….hmmmm

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3 Responses to Raquel & Bayani :: have you started pre-marital counseling yet?

  1. Raquel Atienza says:

    Hello family! So cool seeing some of the photobooth pictures here! Love you all very much. Such a joy to reflect on God’s faithfullness and love for His children when looking at pictures! Fun, fun, FUN!!!

  2. Congratulatons Raquel!

  3. Raquel ATIENZA!!! We need to change your name on the PraiseMoves Instructor website! Update me, update me, married lady! Blessings in abundance to you and Bayani! http://praisemoves.com/inst

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